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Jeff Wall - A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai)


TBW Books is pleased to present A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) by Jeff Wall. The original, a transparency in a lightbox that is part of the permanent collection at Tate Modern, is not simply a photograph, and similarly this scale reproduction is not simply a book. Nearly a decade in the making, this collaboration between the artist and publisher responds to the challenge of how Wall's work, characterized by its synthesis of materiality and scale, could be rendered uniquely into book form.

TBW Books' A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) reproduces the image, printed from the artist's original digital montage file, on 98 unbound lightweight sheets of paper. Once installed, the sheets' gentle movements, created by localized airflow, echo the fly-away energy of the papers in the original picture. This version of the work creates a new relationship between the image and the atmosphere that it has become renowned for evoking.

With tremendous attention to printing, design, and quality of materials, this edition of only 300 copies is a conceptual achievement guided by the highest standards of bookmaking.

Foil stamped clamshell housed in slipcase with tip-on
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 300
98 unbound color plates
35.5 x 30 cm
229 x 377 cm when assembled

  • Edition Size
    The edition is 300 copies + 30 Artist’s Proofs.
  • Cost
    The price starts at $1,000 USD and will increase as quantities become limited. Shipping is calculated at checkout, and any customs fees will be billed separately.
  • Shipping
    European orders are shipped from the United Kingdom, and orders to the rest of the world are shipped from Oakland, California. Shipping rates are applied at checkout. All orders are shipped with tracking and signature confirmation.
  • Care
    This project is a scale reproduction of Jeff Wall’s A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai), an edition of one housed in the permanent collection of Tate Modern. In this respect it is a museum piece that has been made accessible for purchase and display in one’s home. Some will want to keep the prints contained in their housing to perfectly preserve their quality, and others will want to fully display them. This edition is a living object. Conceptually, when installed it has been designed to move with the wind. However this also means that without added UV protection, it will slowly fade with the sun. You should plan to treat this edition in a similar way to any other piece of art you want to protect. Much like a photographic print, direct sun will destabilize the color and paper over an extended period of time.
  • Installation
    A NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Creativity when displaying the work is welcomed. But if you choose to display all 98 panels together, the fully installed piece is 229 cm in height and 377 cm in width, so you will need a wall space with these dimensions at minimum. With the right materials, the full piece is simple to install. With 1-2 people, installation can be expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. The panels can be hung with either hanging tape or t-pins. Our recommended hanging tape can be removed without damaging the backside of the prints. T-pins are the best option for long term installation. Fully installed, the piece is made up of 7 horizontal rows comprising 14 panels each. In keeping with the conceptual aspects of the scattered sheets of paper represented in the image, the individual panels are not numbered on the backside. You are welcome to use a very light pencil to place a number on the back of each sheet of paper, starting with the top sheet (#1) and the last bottom sheet in the stack (#98). When installed, the piece is made up of 7 horizontal rows comprising 14 panels each. MATERIALS Pencil Blue painter’s tape or artist tape Level (4-6 foot / 1-2 meters is ideal) Tape measure Hayaku Hanging Tape - Option A T-Pins - Option B LAYING OUT YOUR WALL GUIDES: 1. If you would like the piece to be centered, begin by measuring the width of the wall (X) you will be installing A Sudden Gust of Wind on. Take that number and subtract 377 cm (X-377=Y). Take your new number (Y) and divide by two ( Y/2= Z) This is the distance (Z) you will have on each side of your finished piece. 2. Once you have that number (Z), measure from the right side of your wall (Z)cm, and mark with a pencil. 3. Use your level to scribe a vertical line from this mark. Depending on the height of your available wall space, this line, representing the bottom of the piece, can begin wherever you see fit, but we recommend beginning approximately 30 cm from the floor. 4. Using your level, scribe a horizontal line 30 cm from the floor, beginning at the bottom of your vertical mark, extending to the left 377cm. 5. This horizontal and vertical line act as the foundation for beginning to assemble the piece. INSTALLING THE PANELS: 6. Starting in the lower right hand corner, begin with panel #98 and affix it to the wall aligning the right side of panel #98 with your vertical line and the bottom with your horizontal line. 7. Repeat this 13 times, from panel #97 and finishing with panel #85. This makes up your bottom row. The bottom row is the foundation for the rest of the installation process. The accuracy of this row will help determine the ease of installation from here on. 8. Each panel has a built in 5 mm bleed (overlap with the panel below) to allow for hiding the pins and aligning the panels 9. Repeat steps 6-8 six more times, working from the right side and moving left, installing 14 panels in each row until you end in the upper left hand corner completing the piece with panel #1.
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